This portion of the website is reserved for teams that would like the option to have each individual athlete complete the transaction online for their team gear.  We setup the various options with the head coach, athletic director, or team coordinator and each player comes onto this page and completes the transaction for the desired items.  Typically we would give a due date or a timeline for this.  Once the due date passes or all of the players complete their purchase the coach gets a printout of all of the sizes and items ordered, we take care of the rest.  The coaches no longer need to worry about collecting payment and sizes from each player, they can just coach.  Since team gear or team packs can be expensive, players or parents can use a credit card to pay for their gear, leaving them the option to spread those payments out with their credit card company.  It's kinda the future and what many teams are turning to for their transactions.  Let us know if you would like to set this up for your team or group.


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